WhisperGifts: Bridal Gift Registries Made Simple
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Bridal Gift Registries. Easier Than “I Do”

We make it ultra-easy to setup a gift registry for your wedding.

WhisperGifts registries are really easy to set up and share with guests, leaving you more time to plan your special day. Find Out More

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Freedom of Choice Sale! Your guests buy gifts at the best price. Your guests are free to buy your gifts from wherever they choose, as you are not getting a registry from a single department store. You ask for a "KitchenAid Mixer", the guest buys it from wherever they choose!

Get the gifts you want Get what you REALLY want for your wedding. All you need to ask for is a set of plush bath towells, leaving your guests to find towells that they think you will like. You still get the surprise of receiving a hand-picked gift from your guest.

So easy to use You and your guests will find your WhisperGifts gift registry easy to use. WhisperGifts really isn't hard to use. Even your old aunt will be able to easily pick a gift from your registry. A PDF of your registry can be printed and shared with non-computer-using family members, if needed.

Handy Reminders Your guests will be reminded about their bridal registry purchase As your wedding gets closer, we politely remind your guests what they have chosen for you. If they want us to, that is: buyers can opt-out of these e-mails easily and avoid the bother.

Fair prices for everybody Everyone gets a fair price with a WhisperGifts bridal registry. Because your guests can shop around, they can get the best deal. They can buy from any department store, online, or through personal connections. No more store lock-in with over-priced wedding gifts!

It's a secret, for a while It's a secret! You won't know who is buying gifts until after the wedding. Before your wedding, you won't be able to see who has picked what gifts. It will be a complete surprise! Afterwards though, we give you a list of guests and their gifts to help you write your thank-you cards.