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WhisperGifts Founders, Ross and Lauren Poulton, on their wedding day.

Hi there!

My name is Ross Poulton, and I created WhisperGifts.

Back in Winter 2006, my wife–to–be Lauren and I decided to build WhisperGifts to help out some friends who were getting married. They wanted to politely ask their guests for particular gifts for their wedding, but they didn't want to force their guests to shop at expensive department stores.

Both us and those friends, Tarsha & Ben, found that most traditional wedding gift registry companies require your guests to buy the gifts from their own catalogue — meaning expensive gifts and high margins. For this 'convenience' your guests are paying more than they have to for your gifts. As a result, our first design goal was to give your guests a great idea of what you actually want for your wedding, without locking them into a single retailer. That should make life easier for everybody.

Our next goal was to design a service that we wanted to use ourselves. With our wedding fast approaching, it was important that WhisperGifts was good enough to make proper use of.

Tarsha & Ben were married before Lauren & I, and their guests were excited by the fresh take on a gift registry. They were relieved to be able to buy the gifts that Tarsha & Ben wanted without having to pay department–store prices, a comment repeated by the guests at our own wedding.

Overall, I think we've achieved our goals. We continue to work on the WhisperGifts website and improve the experience, but our core values haven't changed.

I hope you agree and choose to use our service to help simplify part of your wedding planing. I know first–hand how stressful weddings can be, so I'd like to share my experience to make yours go that little bit smoother.


Ross Poulton
WhisperGifts Founder

Meet The Team

Ross Poulton Founder

Ross in Nepal

Ross is a consultant in Melbourne, Australia working on CRM projects and membership management systems. In his spare time Ross spends his time brewing unique beer and relaxing in his outer-suburbs home.

Lauren Poulton Co-Founder

Lauren at the Beach

Lauren is an environmental engineer who spends her days trying to make a difference. The rest of her time is spent trying to keep her excitable dog under control and their son's food in his mouth.