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How's The Weather?

Screenshot of our Maps page, showing weather for an upcoming wedding.

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be tough at the best of times - but it's especially hard when you haven't seen a weather forecast, or when you're travelling overseas or interstate and aren't quite sure what to expect.

To help your guests choose between taking their umbrella or parasol -- we hope it's the latter -- we're proud to announce that WhisperGifts registries can now show a weather forecast on your registry page. For those weddings where we know a location (if you've set up a Map page), we will attempt to display a forecast once your wedding is within a month.

If your guests have opted to receive gift reminders in the weeks leading up to your wedding, we'll also include the weather in those emails.

If you don't see a forecast, try updating the address to include more details. You can do this on your Registry Dashboard; weather forecasts will be updated nightly.

This fantastic feature is available today for all paid registries, old or new.

Oren por el sol!

Automate addition of items with our API

For most users, logging in to the WhisperGifts website to add or update registry items is the perfect way to keep everything up to date. It works from your computer, laptop, or mobile device (in fact, we published a change last month that makes WhisperGifts look and work even better on your mobile phone or tablet) and is speedy and easy to use.

However some power users need a different way of working - something more automated. This might be to automatically add things from a wishlist on another site, or to add items to the registry methodically as earlier listed items are selected by guests. Whatever the reason, having a non-human-interactive way to create and update your registry items can be very useful to those who want to get their hands dirty.

For this reason, we're proud to announce today the beta release of the WhisperGifts API. The public beta is available to all paying WhisperGifts users without further charges.

You are able to access data including:

  • Account details (presently read-only)
  • Product categories (read-only)
  • Items (full read-write access)
  • RSVPs (read-write access)

All API access is authenticated via a user-specific API token, which the user can retrieve from their dashboard page. Like the rest of the WhisperGifts dashboard, all requests use secure HTTP to encrypt data in transit.

We'd love to hear what you use the API for. We want to expand functionality over the coming months, based on what you tell us will be useful. Get in touch today with your suggestions.

Happy coding!

Bookmarklet Update: Easily Add Items With Images!

A while ago, we released a bookmarklet (or 'Add Item Shortcut') to make it even easier to add items to your WhisperGifts registry.

The concept is simple. You drag a simple link to your browser's bookmark bar, then whenever you find a webpage with an item you want on your registry you just click the shortcut and the Add Item window appears, pre-filled and ready to save.

Today we're announcing that the shortcut bar has grown up and is even more useful, as the shortcut bar now grabs an image of the item when you use it! This means that the only thing you'll need to enter on the pop-up screen is a category for the item, then hit Save.

To use this new update, you'll need to delete your existing shortcut button (Right click then select Remove or Delete) then visit our Help site to add the updated shortcut bookmark.

On some sites, it will be worthwhile clicking on the image to "zoom in" before you click on the Bookmarklet. We'd love to hear where you are using this, as well as any further feedback you might have.

Bonne journée!

Simplified Packages and Nicer Default Template

A confusing trail sign - too many decisions and no obvious path to follow... much like our old pricing.

We're excited to announce that our pricing structure has been simplified, and we've gone from a choice in three packages to just one choice: Free or Gold. We have also changed our default registry template, so free users no longer get a boring white registry listing.

Our new $29 Gold Plan includes everything from our old $99 Premium package, except for the free printing and delivery of info cards. These cards are still available to print yourself, or at competitive prices for us to print for you.

With our gold plan now significantly cheaper, the $19 standard plan just isn't necessary any more and introduced an arbitrary price difference. To keep things straightforward, we've taken it out of rotation to reduce the number of decisions you need to make.

All existing Standard users have been upgraded today, for free, to our Gold plan. This gives you enhanced security, custom domains and raw CSS at no extra cost.

Our friends on the free plan also get a nice upgrade today. The old "Standard White" template is no longer the default choice, so free users will see our "pink list" template, effective immediately. The simple white template is still available for those gold registries who want to use it as a starting point for customisation, but most people will be more than happy to see the new template we think.

Happy wedding planning!

Responding to the Heartbleed security issue

Eye-catching logo for the Heartbleed SSL bug

Technology news in recent days has been dominated by the heartbleed bug. This bug was in a piece of software called OpenSSL, which manages secure website connections for many websites, and allowed malicious parties to trick websites into sharing private information.

WhisperGifts was using a version of OpenSSL that contained the bug. It is impossible for us to know if it was exploited to steal any customer details, however we feel it is highly unlikely.

As soon as we heard about the bug, we installed the patched version of OpenSSL to prevent any attacks from occurring. We have also installed updated SSL certificates on both our public webpage and on our administration portal.

We have also reset all browsing sessions on our site; this means that you will be asked to login next time you return to the website. We have also reset the passwords used for our website administration.

Whilst we have no evidence that any customer information was stolen, it is highly recommended that you change your WhisperGifts password. As always, your WhisperGifts password should be different to other passwords you use online to ensure maximum security.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our customers that we do not store any credit card information, so it is not possible that any payment details were stolen in the unlikely event of a Heartbleed-related intrusion.