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"Add Item" shortcut

If you spend time browsing shopping websites, it doesn't take long for you to come across items you want to add to your gift registry. We've got a bookmarklet that makes it quick and easy to add an item to your registry.

By visiting our Bookmarklet Knowledgebase Article you'll be able to drag a shortcut to your browser toolbar.

Using it is easy: just browse the web looking for gift ideas - and once you find something, just click the button on your toolbar! A WhisperGifts window will appear, where you can edit the name & description of the item, select a category and an image, and save the item right to your registry.

Better yet, if there's a section of text on the page that you think is a perfect description of the item, just select it before clicking the shortcut button - we'll automatically put that selection into the Item window, ready for you to proofread and edit before saving.

New WhisperGifts bookmarklet

Happy gift finding!

Introducing: Weekly Update Emails

Sample registry statistics email, showing what has happened with your registry in the past week.

A few months ago we introduced a stats page for our customers, to easily see the performance of your registry.

Today, we're excited to announce that we're extending the usefulness of this feature by sending detailed weekly emails to you showing you how many people have visited your registry this week, how many purchases have been made, how many gifts are left (including a reminder to add more if the number gets too low), and a summary of RSVPs received this week.

Paying customers can turn this on and off on the Stats page.

In our testing this email has shown some very useful details for active registries. Obviously we won't send these if there's been no activity, nor will we send it after your wedding. We're not in the business of annoying our customers!

As always, your feedback is welcome. Happy new year, and good luck with the rest of your wedding planning!

Collect Wedding RSVPs Online

New to WhisperGifts: Collect RSVPs from your guests!

As your wedding date approaches, it's important to know exactly how many people are planning on attending your wedding. This isn't always the same as the number you invite; some people can't make it for various reasons and perhaps some extras will ask to come, even without an invite (dealing with these is a topic for another day!)

To know who is coming we use RSVPs - a formal way of asking for a response to an invitation.

Traditionally, couples have sent out RSVP instructions (or even a card, ready to be posted back) with the wedding invites, requesting RSVPs by a particular date. These are well understood by most people, and they know what is expected of them. Recently, though, people are opting to skip posting you the formal RSVP card - they are sending text messages, emails, or verbal responses instead!

Whilst it's great that people are using these new technologies to respond, it can get tricky to manage if you're the one receiving those RSVPs.

That's why we've added RSVP capabilities to WhisperGifts.

Available immediately to all paying members, our RSVP capabilities can be turned on or off from your WhisperGifts dashboard. Once enabled, visitors to your registry will see an 'RSVP' link. They'll also have the chance to send an RSVP at the same time they select a gift, making the process even quicker and easier for them.

As soon as somebody provides an RSVP via WhisperGifts we will email you their name, response (whether they are coming, or unable to make it) plus their comments - such as allergies or other food requirements. We don't email you their gift purchase, though!

As the registry manager, you're also able to manually add people to the list from your dashboard - the perfect way to deal with post, SMS, or verbal responses in one place.

We hope you find this useful, and as always get in touch with any questions or suggestions you might have.

Cancelling Previously Selected Items

Sometimes, your guests will change their mind after picking an item from your WhisperGifts registry. We've helped out in the past when guests email us, by manually deselecting the item - but in many circumstances, guests have simply picked another gift. It's obvious this isn't ideal, as their original selection will now be unavailable to other guests!

To make it easier for your gift buyers, we've just added the ability to cancel a gift selection if they realise they won't be buying that particular gift.

People want to cancel their selection for many reasons. They might change their mind, they might find something different on sale when they arrive at the store, or they might just find something at a store that they decide to buy instead.

So, every email we send to a purchaser now includes a link to cancel their selection - and as soon as they do so, the gift is shown again on your registry page so that somebody else can select it. This is active immediately for all WhisperGifts users, not just those that pay.

When should I setup a bridal gift registry?

Couple shopping in a department store

When should you set up your bridal gift registry? Below are some frequently asked questions about the timing of your gift registry.

We've just announced our engagement. When should we set up a gift registry?

At the latest, before you send your wedding invites. If you send out your wedding invites without gift registry details, it can be expensive and awkward to share those details later on. Ideally, you should set up your bridal registry as soon as possible — you may be asked at your engagement party, or soon after, if you have any gift requests or a bridal registry — so if you set up your bridal gift registry before then, you can begin sharing your registry details right away.

Wouldn't that be too early?

Not at all! Some couples find that getting a long list of desired gifts is a time consuming process. People seem hard-wired not to ask for things, so it can feel embarrassing to list things you want to receive. For this reason, starting early lets you list some things today and others in the future, as they come to you. This means you don't have to try to think of everything at the last minute — we're sure you've got enough to do at the last minute as-is!

How do I share my bridal registry with my wedding guests?

Many couples include a note with their wedding invite with details of their registry.

WhisperGifts bridal gift registry information cards

WhisperGifts users have a few options to make this even simpler. Our premium customers get free printed cards with a short message and link to their gift registry. These cards are delivered to you in bulk, ready to slip into your invite envelopes.

Other paying WhisperGifts customers have access to print your own registry info cards, on your own printer or at your favourite printing company.

If your guests are online, you can share the word electronically: by using Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail to give details to your guests.

Lastly, you can give your simple WhisperGifts bridal registry website address to people over the phone - they don't need to follow a complicated link, so it's easy to read over the phone or in person.

How long does it take to set up a gift registry?

Signing up with WhisperGifts only takes a few minutes - just let us know your names and wedding date and you'll be on the way!

The 'hard part' is what comes next: picking gifts to list. We help you get started with common wedding gift suggestions, then it's up to you to add other items you would like to receive. The good news is that you don't have to do this right away: we suggest setting up a few items initially, then come back and add more items as you think of them.

When we got married, we found that ideas came to us throughout the day. We listed more gifts at odd times, such as at dinner time when we realised that we should ask for new cutlery, or when gardening when we realised that some plant pots would be nice. There's no deadline to add items, you can keep adding items even after your guests have started browsing and selecting items.

How much time should I give my guests?

You should send your wedding gift registry details with your wedding invite so that they don't get lost or separated.

Although you may send a "save the date" card very early (especially if your wedding is in a peak holiday time, or if you have many guests travelling interstate or overseas) wedding invites are usually sent about 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

If you send invites and gift registry details before this time, many people aren't yet planning their time. If you send them later, then many people may have plans. Two months notice seems to be the sweet spot where your guests are actively planning their weekends, but they aren't yet too bsy.

Help! I don't have two months!

That's usually OK, but you'll need to be creative. If you haven't yet sent your invites, that should be your first priority.

If your invites have already gone out, then try using other methods to share your gift registry details with your guests. We provide facilities to e-mail your registry details to your guests, send private Facebook messages, or send public Tweets with a link to your registry.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

We're glad to hear it! Just head over to the WhisperGifts signup page to select your package and sign up right away. Once you are signed up, the first option you'll see is to add some common items to your registry, so you aren't starting with a blank slate.

Got more questions about your gift registry or your wedding? Just send us an email and we'll get right back to you.