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Gift List Now More Accessible

After your wedding, it's important to send thank-you notes to those guests who purchased you gifts or attended your wedding. We've always e-mailed our paying customers after their wedding with a list of who selected what from your WhisperGifts Gift Registry.

To make life easier, if you have misplaced the e-mailed PDF you can now access a copy from your WhisperGifts dashboard after your wedding date. It's available for as long as you need - we don't place a time limit on how many times you can get a copy of the list.

If you're a paying WhisperGifts customer and you have misplaced the WhisperGifts guest list, it's now accessible again once you login.

Stay tuned for some tips on how and when to thank your guests!

New Shortcut Menu

Floating side menu for quick access to your WhisperGifts Account

We've just deployed a small update to the registry management screen for all users, to show an always-present menu on the left side of the screen.

While not earth shattering, this change addresses a bit of a problem with the previous navigation: there was no easy way to make various changes to your registry without first going back to the main dashboard screen.

This new menu is visible immediately for all users in your WhisperGifts dashboard.

Introducing Registry Stats

Sample registry statistics, showing visits by date and a quick snapshot of how many items have been selected.

Once you send out your wedding invites, it can be hard to know whether people have read your registry details and started to look into your gift registry.

Today, we're announcing a simple way to answer this question. WhisperGifts Stats shows you how many people are visiting your registry, where they're coming from, and a snapshot of how many items have already been selected.

This feature is available immediately for all paying users by clicking on 'Stats' in your dashboard. Any visit from July 24th onwards should be included.

Introducing WhisperGifts Templates

Choose from beautiful pre-built wedding registry templates.

One of the most oft-requested features is multiple templates that can be selected by couples when setting up their gift registry. Our standard template is simple, but doesn't have enough pop for many couples.

We recently added the capability for couples to customise their registry with their own fonts, colours, and images, but today we've made it even easier to get a beautiful registry online with as little fuss as possible: you can now select from four pre-created templates, including a refreshing flowing-grid format we call "boxes". These boxes will automatically resize to fill the screen with a wall of large images of your registry items, so make sure you select high-quality photos!

Any paying user can make use of templates right now.

Choose from beautiful pre-built wedding registry templates.

In coming weeks, further templates will be added including:

  • Square grid
  • Adding a boxes option to the Ampersand theme
  • Side-scrolling photos
  • Want to see more? Just get in touch.

For most users, this will be an ideal way to get a beautiful looking bridal registry without any extra effort at all. For those power users who want to make it truly their own, our customisable fonts, colours, and full CSS control are still available.

We hope you find this as useful and exciting as we do. It's easily our most-requested addition to WhisperGifts, so we're incredibly happy to be delivering it to you today.

Not a Bride & Groom? Good news!

Not a bride & groom? Pick your own titles.

Not everyone getting married is a bride & groom. In a fantastic trend that we hope accelerates, gay marriage is now legal in a number of countries around the world - with more on the cusp of allowing this simple right.

One of the big assumptions that we made with WhisperGifts was boxing people into being a "Bride" or "Groom". One of each per wedding - simple. Except it's not that simple - many marriages have two brides, two grooms, or just a bloke and a lady.

It took us too long, but you can now select any of these titles (plus more) when you sign up for WhisperGifts. Existing users can change titles on their dashboard to better suit their relationship status or personality. Obviously, this is available to all users - including our free package.