Blog: Automate addition of items with our API

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Automate addition of items with our API

For most users, logging in to the WhisperGifts website to add or update registry items is the perfect way to keep everything up to date. It works from your computer, laptop, or mobile device (in fact, we published a change last month that makes WhisperGifts look and work even better on your mobile phone or tablet) and is speedy and easy to use.

However some power users need a different way of working - something more automated. This might be to automatically add things from a wishlist on another site, or to add items to the registry methodically as earlier listed items are selected by guests. Whatever the reason, having a non-human-interactive way to create and update your registry items can be very useful to those who want to get their hands dirty.

For this reason, we're proud to announce today the beta release of the WhisperGifts API. The public beta is available to all paying WhisperGifts users without further charges.

You are able to access data including:

  • Account details (presently read-only)
  • Product categories (read-only)
  • Items (full read-write access)
  • RSVPs (read-write access)

All API access is authenticated via a user-specific API token, which the user can retrieve from their dashboard page. Like the rest of the WhisperGifts dashboard, all requests use secure HTTP to encrypt data in transit.

We'd love to hear what you use the API for. We want to expand functionality over the coming months, based on what you tell us will be useful. Get in touch today with your suggestions.

Happy coding!

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