Blog: Bookmarklet Update: Easily Add Items With Images!

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Bookmarklet Update: Easily Add Items With Images!

A while ago, we released a bookmarklet (or 'Add Item Shortcut') to make it even easier to add items to your WhisperGifts registry.

The concept is simple. You drag a simple link to your browser's bookmark bar, then whenever you find a webpage with an item you want on your registry you just click the shortcut and the Add Item window appears, pre-filled and ready to save.

Today we're announcing that the shortcut bar has grown up and is even more useful, as the shortcut bar now grabs an image of the item when you use it! This means that the only thing you'll need to enter on the pop-up screen is a category for the item, then hit Save.

To use this new update, you'll need to delete your existing shortcut button (Right click then select Remove or Delete) then visit our Help site to add the updated shortcut bookmark.

On some sites, it will be worthwhile clicking on the image to "zoom in" before you click on the Bookmarklet. We'd love to hear where you are using this, as well as any further feedback you might have.

Bonne journée!

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