Blog: Cancelling Previously Selected Items

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Cancelling Previously Selected Items

Sometimes, your guests will change their mind after picking an item from your WhisperGifts registry. We've helped out in the past when guests email us, by manually deselecting the item - but in many circumstances, guests have simply picked another gift. It's obvious this isn't ideal, as their original selection will now be unavailable to other guests!

To make it easier for your gift buyers, we've just added the ability to cancel a gift selection if they realise they won't be buying that particular gift.

People want to cancel their selection for many reasons. They might change their mind, they might find something different on sale when they arrive at the store, or they might just find something at a store that they decide to buy instead.

So, every email we send to a purchaser now includes a link to cancel their selection - and as soon as they do so, the gift is shown again on your registry page so that somebody else can select it. This is active immediately for all WhisperGifts users, not just those that pay.

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