Blog: New Features: Custom Designs and Personalised Domains

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New Features: Custom Designs and Personalised Domains

We've been very busy around here recently. Our premium package is about to launch, and we've just finished off two of the all-important features that make WhisperGifts even more useful for couples with boutique or unique weddings: custom registry layouts and BYO domain names.

Custom Registry Layouts

Customised screnshot preview

The image above shows one of our new premium registries using custom design features. This level of customisation is available to all premium users of WhisperGifts.

For our standard users, who make up the vast majority of WhisperGifts registries, your new registry customisation features are available today. You can upload background images, add a heading image, and tweak colours and fonts. Just login and click 'Colours & Fonts'.

Our premium package will be available in the next few weeks, which includes full control over the CSS of your registry to achieve some of the layout effects shown above. This is a more advanced function that will require familiarity with website editing.

BYO Domain Names

If you already have your own website and want to see your registry at your own domain name (for example, or then you will be able to do that very soon with our premium offering. All of the mechanics are in place, ready for you to upgrade once we publish the Premium package.

When combined with fully custom CSS, your registry can look just like the rest of your website because you control the look and feel, and you control it's name.

For technical details on getting setup (to give you a head start!) you can read our custom domains FAQ.

We'll be back soon with more great news, including the formal launch of our premium WhisperGifts package that includes custom domains, full CSS editing, free printed information cards, and enhanced registry security. Stay tuned!

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