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Collect Wedding RSVPs Online

New to WhisperGifts: Collect RSVPs from your guests!

As your wedding date approaches, it's important to know exactly how many people are planning on attending your wedding. This isn't always the same as the number you invite; some people can't make it for various reasons and perhaps some extras will ask to come, even without an invite (dealing with these is a topic for another day!)

To know who is coming we use RSVPs - a formal way of asking for a response to an invitation.

Traditionally, couples have sent out RSVP instructions (or even a card, ready to be posted back) with the wedding invites, requesting RSVPs by a particular date. These are well understood by most people, and they know what is expected of them. Recently, though, people are opting to skip posting you the formal RSVP card - they are sending text messages, emails, or verbal responses instead!

Whilst it's great that people are using these new technologies to respond, it can get tricky to manage if you're the one receiving those RSVPs.

That's why we've added RSVP capabilities to WhisperGifts.

Available immediately to all paying members, our RSVP capabilities can be turned on or off from your WhisperGifts dashboard. Once enabled, visitors to your registry will see an 'RSVP' link. They'll also have the chance to send an RSVP at the same time they select a gift, making the process even quicker and easier for them.

As soon as somebody provides an RSVP via WhisperGifts we will email you their name, response (whether they are coming, or unable to make it) plus their comments - such as allergies or other food requirements. We don't email you their gift purchase, though!

As the registry manager, you're also able to manually add people to the list from your dashboard - the perfect way to deal with post, SMS, or verbal responses in one place.

We hope you find this useful, and as always get in touch with any questions or suggestions you might have.

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