Blog: Simplified Packages and Nicer Default Template

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Simplified Packages and Nicer Default Template

A confusing trail sign - too many decisions and no obvious path to follow... much like our old pricing.

We're excited to announce that our pricing structure has been simplified, and we've gone from a choice in three packages to just one choice: Free or Gold. We have also changed our default registry template, so free users no longer get a boring white registry listing.

Our new $29 Gold Plan includes everything from our old $99 Premium package, except for the free printing and delivery of info cards. These cards are still available to print yourself, or at competitive prices for us to print for you.

With our gold plan now significantly cheaper, the $19 standard plan just isn't necessary any more and introduced an arbitrary price difference. To keep things straightforward, we've taken it out of rotation to reduce the number of decisions you need to make.

All existing Standard users have been upgraded today, for free, to our Gold plan. This gives you enhanced security, custom domains and raw CSS at no extra cost.

Our friends on the free plan also get a nice upgrade today. The old "Standard White" template is no longer the default choice, so free users will see our "pink list" template, effective immediately. The simple white template is still available for those gold registries who want to use it as a starting point for customisation, but most people will be more than happy to see the new template we think.

Happy wedding planning!

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