Blog: New Feature: Gift Suggestions

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New Feature: Gift Suggestions

New Gift Suggestions screenshot

We've found it can be tricky for some people to get started with WhisperGifts. Not because it's hard to use, but because coming up with a list of items you would like to be given for your wedding can be difficult. Most of us don't like asking for things, but deep down inside we know we need a few things for our new home.

To help you get started with WhisperGifts, we've added a new 'Suggested Gifts' area. It's the first thing new users will see, and it's available to all users from your item list on the dashboard.

Just tick the boxes next to the items you want to add to your list (or select an entire group, such as "Wedding Gift Classics") and we'll copy the items onto your own registry. You can then go ahead and change descriptions and prices, add priorities, or change pictures. You can also leave them as-is, ready for your guests to select!

We hope this will help new WhisperGifts users get up and running more quickly. Happy gift-selecting!

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