Blog: How's The Weather?

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How's The Weather?

Screenshot of our Maps page, showing weather for an upcoming wedding.

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be tough at the best of times - but it's especially hard when you haven't seen a weather forecast, or when you're travelling overseas or interstate and aren't quite sure what to expect.

To help your guests choose between taking their umbrella or parasol -- we hope it's the latter -- we're proud to announce that WhisperGifts registries can now show a weather forecast on your registry page. For those weddings where we know a location (if you've set up a Map page), we will attempt to display a forecast once your wedding is within a month.

If your guests have opted to receive gift reminders in the weeks leading up to your wedding, we'll also include the weather in those emails.

If you don't see a forecast, try updating the address to include more details. You can do this on your Registry Dashboard; weather forecasts will be updated nightly.

This fantastic feature is available today for all paid registries, old or new.

Oren por el sol!

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