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Welcome to the WhisperGifts help portal! From these pages, you can view our answers to commonly asked questions, or submit a ticket to ask us to look into a particular problem you may be having.

The best starting point is our FAQ, which lists a number of frequently-asked questions sorted into helpful categories. If you can't find the answer you're looking for on that page, then fill out the form below to submit a ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

» Billing & Payments
How we charge for our services, how you can pay, refunds, and more.

» Information for Guests
Questions relating to the use of WhisperGifts by wedding guests / gift purchasers, rather than those that relate to the couple getting married.

» Managing My Registry
Assistance with managing your WhisperGifts registry

» Miscellaneous
Other questions about WhisperGifts - the company who created the service, history, and other such questions.

» WhisperGifts API
If you want to review, create, or update items on yoru registry or your RSVP list automatically, you can use our REST-based API to do so progmatically. The API is available for paying users, and is designed for computer programmers and power users: it isn't intended for non-technical users. Use of the API is optional, and not necessary for normal WhisperGifts usage.

» WhisperGifts Features and Options
Questions about the various features that WhisperGifts offers as part of it's free, standard, and premium packages.

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