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How many items should I add to my registry, and why would I want to purchase a package with more items?

You need to make sure that you have enough items on your registry so that everyone who wants to select a gift is able to.

This means a few things:

1) You need a sensible number of items on your registry: A rule of thumb is to have double the number of items as you have guests. If you've invited 50 couples, then try to list at least 100 items! This isn't as hard as it first seems, if you follow our other recommendations.

2) Have a spread of categories. Try to select a handful of items in each category. Why? People often know "We want to get you something for the kitchen", but they're not exactly sure what.

3) Have a spread of prices. This includes very inexpensive items at a few dollars each through to two or three items that are a few hundred dollars or even a thousand. It's unlikely a single person will buy you a new two-thousand dollar fridge, it gives your high school buddies a good option if decide to get together to buy a single big gift.

4) Make sure you prioritise your selections. By default, the most-wanted gifts will show up first so have a higher likleyhood of being chosen.