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I want to use a custom domain with WhisperGifts. What DNS changes do I need to make?

Some packages from WhisperGifts enable you to use your own domain name (or subdomain) instead of or one of the other domain names offered by WhisperGifts.

This is ideal for power users who have a custom wedding website, or their own family website, into which they want to integrate their WhisperGifts registry. Custom domain names are optional - you do not need to use them unless you want to.

This is a technical topic. As domain names from different providers are often configured in very different ways, we may be unable to help with issues that arise. Please ask a friend or log a helpdesk ticket and we will try our best to help out.

Getting Started

You must register your domain name before you can setup WhisperGifts to use it. Please use your domain name registry of choice - this will probably cost around $10 a year for a .com, perhaps more for other domain name types. This is not included in your WhisperGifts registry price.

DNS Changes

Log into your Domain name DNS control panel. You might need to ask your domain registrar how to do this.

Subdomains (eg need to be configured as a CNAME record. Top-level domains, eg or need to be setup as an A record, along with the associated www. record.


If you want to use a subdomain off an existing domain, eg (where is hosted elsewhere) create a CNAME record for your registry subdomain, pointing to Note that this ends in, not

Top-level domains

If the entire domain is to be hosted with WhisperGifts, create A records for the domain root and for the www record. Both should point to

WhisperGifts Changes

Log into the WhisperGifts Dashboard and follow the steps below:

  • Click Registry URL
  • Select "Custom Domain"
  • Enter your subdomain or domain name. Exclude the www if necessary.
  • Click Save

Testing your changes

Your registry will continue to be available via it's previous URL, eg Changes to custom domains can take a number of hours (even up to a few days, in some circumstances) to take effect.

Once you can access the registry via the new name you've entered nothing further needs to be done.


Note that at no point should you change the nameservers to achieve the above. Changing your nameservers to point at WhisperGifts will not work. The only changes should be new A or CNAME records as outlined above.