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Is there an easy way to add items to my registry while I browse the web, eg if I am looking at an item on a shopping website like Amazon?

If you spend time browsing shopping websites, it doesn't take long for you to come across items you want to add to your gift registry. We've got a bookmarklet that makes it quick and easy to add an item to your registry.

Drag the following button to your 'Bookmarks Bar' (also called a Favorites Bar), then click it any time you are on a page you want to add your registry. We do our best to find a description of the product that you are looking at, but some sites make it difficult - so you can choose what text to add to the item on your registry by highlighting a block of text with your mouse before clicking the bookmarklet.

Add To WhisperGifts

Doing this with Firefox is shown below - but dragging to your bookmarks bar will work in most browsers.

If you cannot see the bookmarks bar, press Ctrl-Shift-B (Windows PC using Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer) or right-click the window heading and click "Bookmarks Toolbar".

If you require assistance, please open a ticket using our online form. We have tried to make this browser widget work on all platforms, but some computers may vary.