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If you want to review, create, or update items on yoru registry or your RSVP list automatically, you can use our REST-based API to do so progmatically. The API is available for paying users, and is designed for computer programmers and power users: it isn't intended for non-technical users. Use of the API is optional, and not necessary for normal WhisperGifts usage.

» 1. API Basics
Basic details about accessing the WhisperGifts API, including authentication, terms of use, possible uses, available data sets, and how the consistent resource URL addressing works.

» 2. Categories
How can I get a list of current categories that an item may be included in?

» 3. Items
Details on creating registry items via the API, as well as making changes, getting a list of all registry items, and deleting existing items.

» 4. RSVPs
Details about retrievling a list of RSVPs provided via your WhisperGifts registry, plus methods for creating new responses and deleting or updating existing RSVPs.

» 5. Account
Review details about the authenticated user, including registry URL, names, and default values.