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Questions about the various features that WhisperGifts offers as part of it's free, standard, and premium packages.

» Branding Options
Will purchasing a premium or standard package remove the WhisperGifts branding? And what exactly is that branding, anyway?

» Custom Domains
I want to use a custom domain with WhisperGifts. What DNS changes do I need to make?

» How do domains work?
You offer multiple domains for Standard and Premium packages. What options do I have? Can I use a custom domain?

» How many items do I need?
How many items should I add to my registry, and why would I want to purchase a package with more items?

» Info Cards
How can I print cards with registry details to include with my invites? Can you print the cards for me?

» Security Options
How do I control who can see my registry?

» Sharing My Registry
How can I tell friends & family about my new registry?