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Farewell, and thank you

WhisperGifts has closed down after 14 years of service. We have been in touch with any active gift registries for future weddings.


Lauren and I started WhisperGifts back in 2006. We weren't yet married, and built WhisperGifts to help some friends of ours who were engaged. They wanted to politely ask their guests for particular gifts for their wedding, but they didn't want to force their guests to shop at expensive department stores. We built a service to help them that ultimately we wanted to build ourselves.

Over the years we have poured many hours into maintaing and upgrading WhisperGifts but the reality is that we do not have the time or energy to compete with the big players in this space. In 2006 it was us and our dog; today there's also a cat and two very active kids. We both have careers that require our attention in ways that mean WhisperGifts hasn't received the love it needs.

So, as of August 2020, we are closing down WhisperGifts. It's a decision that took a year to make but the time is here.

Thanks for the lessons, for your patronage, and for trusting us with a small part of your wedding.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch using the address below.

Ross Poulton
Founder, WhisperGifts
[email protected]

August, 2020