Privacy Policy

WhisperGifts have a firm policy of protecting your privacy.

Due to the nature of this website, any information you submit will be viewable to all guests to your wedding, and to the general public who may view your wedding registry. Details such as your Name and Wedding Date, as well as your gift registry and the items you place on that registry, are publicly available.

We understand that you may not wish for the public to view these details, so we have made available two levels of Security access on certain accounts to enable you to make your registry private. This will help prevent the general public from viewing your registry.

WhisperGifts will NEVER sell your personal information to any third party, nor will we send you unrelated e-mail messages. We will, on an irregular basis, send you e-mail messages relating directly to your WhisperGifts gift registry, to your wedding, or to your account.

Whilst we take all possible actions to the contrary, we provide no guarantee that your data will not be stolen or otherwise taken from our servers without our knowledge. We will not knowingly give away your information, and we will try to stop it being stolen.

Third Party Privacy Data

Like many websites, WhisperGifts utilises services provided by third parties to analyse website traffic data to allow us to enhance our service. We select services that not only assist us with managing our website, but who do not resell your user data.

Part of our use of these website analytics is to figure out which are the most successful gift registries, so that we can provide services to other users to boost their success rate. As such, we track website interactions per-user and per-registry. This interaction data is not used to target advertising to you, and it is not shared with any external parties other than those companies that provide us with analysis services.

Further, you may make use of functions on our website to share your registry with friends via Facebook or Twitter. Both of these services provide for their own privacy policies you must read. Using these services may also link your personal identity to your WhisperGifts registry.

For security reasons, all payments are processed by external companies. We provide them with your account details in order to process that payment, in strictly controlled conditions.


If you have any queries about our privacy policy, please contact us immediately at; or use our contact page to get in touch with us.