Grand Tour

WhisperGifts really isn't hard to use. There's only four stages your registry goes through (five if you include getting engaged!) and each step of the way is easy and pain-free.

1. Create Your Registry

Creating a WhisperGifts Gift Registry is one of the easiest things you'll do while planning your wedding. Tell us a few basic details about your wedding so we can customise your new registry, and you're ready to start adding items.

Know what you want? Great! Just enter the details and you're good to go. Not so sure? Let us help you out with some hand-picked collections of gifts to suit most purposes including a new apartment, settled family, and chef's kitchen.

CREATE: Getting started with your WhisperGifts wedding gift registry is simple.

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SHARE: Make sure your friends and family know about your bridal gift registry via Twitter, Facebook and E-Mail

2. Share Your Registry

Your new WhisperGifts Gift Registry is no good if nobody uses it! From your management screen you can easily tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and you can e-mail others your registry details.

We can also provide you with nifty little cards to send with your wedding invites that politely ask your guests to consider your WhisperGifts registry when purchasing a gift for you.

3. Guests Choose Gifts

Your guests can easily browse the gifts you've listed and select one or more to purchase. Once they have selected their gifts, it's up to them to head to the store of their choice (or even online if they prefer) and purchase a matching item, wrap it, and bring it to your wedding.

Why don't we sell gifts directly? Because part of the charm of wedding gifts is the surprise element. You typically want to guide the guest's selection, but leave some of the choice up to them. It's part of what makes their gift special.

CHOOSE: Your guests will love picking a wedding gift from your WhisperGifts registry.
THANK: Send a note to your wedding guests to say 'thank you!'

4. Thank Your Guests

Congratulations! You're happily married and the wedding day went off without a problem. Well, Uncle John got a little embarrassing but overall it was beautiful.

Your honeymoon is over and the weather was perfect. When you got home you had some close friends over to help unwrap all of your marvellous gifts. Look at that, you have everything you wanted with no double-ups!

The polite thing to do now is thank your guests for their wise choice and good taste. WhisperGifts makes that easy by automatically e-mailing you a list of who purchased what, a day after your wedding. Just write a note to each person and tick them off the list when you're done.

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